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Individual approach to each guest is the main rule of our restaurant!

For those guests who appreciate individual approach or need special diet our cooks will prepare any dishes for you and your kids (available on your request) according to your taste preferences, the demands of your diet, recommendations of your doctor.

Our chef will make various menus: baby’s, diet, vegetarianor cook something special on your request!

Welcome to the restaurant of SuzdalINN!

All food in our restaurant is farm-to-table:

  • dainties
  • fresh greens
  • apple & cherry jams
  • milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, veal from our farm (Mikheevo countryside, Komsomolsky district, Ivanovo region).

If you would like to see our local farm we would be pleased to arrange a personalized tour for you and your family (70km from the hotel).

The expanded continental breakfast is included in accommodation cost.

Full board — 650 RUB

We carefully consider your taste and preferences in food. The special menu for vegetarians and a menu for children are both available.

It’s a cozy home-like place where you have an opportunity to enjoy your special dining out near a warm fireplace, which creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Tradition Russian Cuisine!

Our menu


Cold appetizers
1/120 pickled Mushrooms with onion 325 rbl.
1/130/20 Beets with prunes and oil 150 rbl.
1/130/20 "Autumn"
(cabbage, carrot, cranberry, greens, oil)
180 rbl.
1/150/20/5 "South"
(fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, lettuce, olive oil, greens, crackers)
205 rbl.
1/250 noodle Soup with mushrooms 160 rbl.
1/250 Russian cabbage soup (shchi) 165 rbl.
Main dishes
1/275 Vegetable stew baked in a pot 235 rbl.
1/150 potato Pancakes with pickled cucumber 180 rbl.
1/250 Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, served in a pot 230 rbl.


1/400 Russian dainties
(Cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage firm)
320 rbl.
1/300 Assortment of fresh vegetables
(Cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, radishes, vegetable oil)
255 rbl.
1/75 Lightly salted salmon 295 rbl.
1/100 Russian bacon with garlic 255 rbl.
1/125 Mushrooms with garlic and onions 325 rbl.
1/200 Toasts rye with garlic 130 rbl.
1/170 "Gentle"
(A chicken fillet, mushrooms fried with onions, pineapple marinaded, filled with mayonnaise)
295 rbl.
1/175 «Sezum»
(A ham, cheese, pepper Bulgarian, tomatoes, cucumbers, mayonnaise)
240 rbl.
1/175 «Favourite salad»
(Salad leaves, a chicken fillet, tomatoes, garlic, cheese with special salad refueling and crackers)
315 rbl.
1/190 «Summer»
(Fresh cabbage, green onions, cucumbers, salad dressing or mayonnaise)
180 rbl.
1/190 «Island»
(Shrimps, salad leaves, tomatoes, the cucumbers, special salad refueling)
345 rbl.
1/210 «North»
(A salmon, tomatoes, salad leaves, cheese, mayonnaise)
345 rbl.
1/180 «Kitchen Garden»
(Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, oil or mayonnaise)
205 rbl.
1/140 Julienne with salmon and mushrooms 340 rbl.
1/120 Julienne with chicken and mushrooms 280 rbl.
100/60 Pancakes with lightly salted salmon 365 rbl.
100/30 Pancakes with caviar 365 rbl.
1/350 Solyanka 280 rbl.
1/300/30 Cream – soup with broccoli and bacon 235 rbl.
1/300/30 Cream-soup with cauliflower and toasts 235 rbl.
1/300 Borsch "Moscow" 245 rbl.
1/120/150 “Golden Fish”
(Salmon fried with honey sauce, accompanied with tomatoes and greens)
485 rbl.
1/140/50/20 «A salmon creamy»
(A salmon steam submitted under slivochno-caviar sauce)
590 rbl.
1/175 “Suzdal” roll
(Fried chicken fillet stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms with a golden crust accompanied)
395 rbl.
1/325 Suzdal Roasted Meat
(Veal, stewed with vegetables in pot)
490 rbl.
1/140 Natural Steak
(Beef fillet)
475 rbl.
1/150 Rice 90 rbl.
1/150 Fried Potatoes 110 rbl.
1/100 Vegetable garnish 110 rbl.
1/75 Sauce-horse-radish 40 rbl.
1/75 Sauce "Sharp"
(Mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic)
40 rbl.
1/150/30 Ice Cream 180 rbl.
1/100/50 Pancakes 165 rbl.
1/150/50 Honey pancakes with a honey sauce 225 rbl.
1/100 Apple jam 40 rbl.
1/200 “Mors” – cranberry drink 75 rbl.
1/200 Assortment of juices 60 rbl.
1 bottle Carbonated/non-carbonated water 50 rbl.
1/200 Fresh Juices:
Carrots with cream
150 rbl.
1/100 Espresso Coffee 150 rbl.
1/400 Black Tea 250 rbl.
1/400 Green Tea 250 rbl.
1/400 Tea with grass 250 rbl.
0,5 Tuborg 150 rbl.
0,5 Karlsberg 150 rbl.
0,5 Baltika 150 rbl.

Restaurant guests review

Slavira 04/19/2017

This little nice hotel in the center of Suzdal is very close to Suzdal Kremlin and Shopping Arcade (about 5-10 min walking). The hotel is decorated as a wooden country house in traditional Russian style. There is a private free parking, cafe, bathhouse, a liitle lake, place for BBQ and souvenir shop nearby. The rooms are big enough, clean, beds are comfortable, wifi-connection was perfect. During our stay breakfasts were included. You recieve home-made cheese, some meat, porridge, fried eggs, pancakes or Syrniki with home-made jam and etc... There's no chance to stay hungry after such meal. You can have half-board / full-board option or a-la carte menu.  By the way the food is very tasty!!! Also it seemed to us that tea and some snacks were available 24/7. The stuff is very friendly, willing to help and do all their best to make your stay as comfortable, as possible.

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