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Guest reviews

Dear Guests!

Thank you very much for staying with us!
We hope you had memorable experience with us in "Suzdal Inn" and we truly trust that your stay was both enjoyable and comfortable.
We look forward to see you again!

Tim Carter and Johnson from United Kingdom10/16/2019 09:57:00 am

Guests 05/21/2016

Stella & Steve, Janet & Paul, Galia 05/04/2016

May 2016
We have had a very enjoyable stay in your beautiful hotel.
Thank you for your friendly hospitality. We loved thr traditional Russian surroundings and very pleasant weather (warmer than in England!) We hope to visit again soon :-)
Stella & Steve (Wombwell, Barnsley, England)
Janet & Paul (Brownfield, Derbyshire, England)
Galia (Moscow)

Guests 03/16/2016

Guests 02/18/2016

Kathie & Phillipp Schmoll 01/13/2016

In November, 2015, it was our pleasure to escort an international group of students and their teachers to the Suzdal Inn. We loved our stay in this fine modern hotel built in the traditional Russian log-cabin style. The hotel and restaurant exude the ambiente of a Russian country home of the 19th century, but with the added amenities and comforts of the 21st century.
The food and drinks served us in the charming restaurant nourished both body and soul. We were pleased to learn that nearly all ingredients are organic and locally grown. Our adults enjoyed sampling the locally brewed varieties of vodka, infused with organic herbs and fruit essences.
Traditional Russian recipes are the pride of the talented chefs and were delicious, whether soups, crepes (blini), salads, meats, mushrooms or delectable sweets. We were actually amazed by the quality of the dairy products served here : butter, sour cream, jogurt and cheese straight from the farm on the hotel property. (We could even visit the contented cows there!) Meats, sausages, jams and eggs are also fresh and locally produced.
We found the hotel rooms to be truly cosy with comfortable beds and handmade quilts, floor heating in the bathrooms and the refreshing aroma of wood construction throughout the hotel.
On site there is also wonderful “banya” (sauna). After a session there, any stress we arrived with was pleasantly steamed away.
The hotel complex also includes a bank and a delightful souvenir shop, offering handicrafts, textiles and toys from the region, so reasonably priced that we were forced to make room in our luggage for a treasure or two!
In a word we recommend the Suzdal Inn for quality, hospitality and comfort. We were transported to another time and fairy -tale place: the ultimate holiday escape!

Dr. M. Quigley & Jeannette Quigley 12/10/2015

My wife and I recently spent two weeks at Suzdal Inn. What a wonderful surprise! A staff that greeted us in English with a special drink upon arrival The hotel is built in traditional Russian architecture but everything from its rooms and amenities to its menus is thoroughly modern. Located in the city of Suzdal, the heart of old Russia, we found the modern heart of Russia in the friendships we made during our visit. The hotel is a jewel in the Golden Ring!
Sincerely yours,
Dr. M. Quigley & Jeannette Quigley

Model United Nations (MUN) 11/20/2015

Dear Marina,
Let us again thank you for your wonderful hospitality during our stay. The Suzdal Inn is spectacular! It is clear that you put so much thought into the place – heated bathroom floors, an attentive staff, traditional woodwork, and a welcoming atmosphere. For us, the food was a highlight – thank Boris for the horseradish vodka and Tatiana for everything else! The outdoor picnic and games, too, were a thoughtful and memorable addition—and a Thanksgiving dinner! When we got to school, students there had already seen pictures of the folk dancing (and kissing game!) and outdoor games. Students who went on the trip last year were jealous!
This conference is important. From its founding until now, hundreds of students have gotten exposure to one another. It has been wonderful for my school and is usually our first recommendation for a student eager to see the world. Your part in keeping the flame alive this year is very special, as well. We talked on the way home with several of the girls who wanted to know more about you. A strong woman, who has made much of herself, and uses what she has for good – you are an excellent role model for them and it was a pleasure to share with them. One girl commented that the way to do good is by working together – a great lesson to learn.
We look forward to next year – salo, the banya, and, of course, your company! Our sincere thanks to all your staff, especially the wonderful Tatiana. Our best wishes, too, to Boris – we look forward to another round of toasts and his jokes. You made this year so special for us – spasibo bolshoye bolshoye from your friends in Cairo.
Tom and Christine

Guests 11/05/2015

Charles, Michelly, Tilly, David Robit and Hadson Taylor 09/04/2015

We have had a wondeful stay here at the Suzdal Inn! I cannot imagine a better experience for our first  visit to Russia and to Suzdal. The food was amazing! The children loved having pancakes (blini) for breakfast and it was great to start the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast (and good coffee!). We especially enjoyed the fresh food straight from the farm and the garden. From fresh apple juice to fresh beef, we have been spoiled by the delicious and fresh fare (and my children loved the apples and plums from the trees!)The cherry house was beautiful and more than comfortable for us and our 3 small children.The staff was amazing-paying  attention to the smallest detail to make our stay comfortable with toys and so on.We loved experiencing the relaxing Russian banya and massage! I only wish we had more money to spend buying the wonderful offerings of the Vernisage shop. We are so grateful for the precious souvenirs . We are taking home with us from scarves to Russian toys for kids.
But most of all we will remember the kind and friendly staff that truly made our vacation here feel like we were staying at a home away from home. Our children will remember smiling faces in the restaurant and behind the front desk as well as the mini-zoo and goats and bunnies and other animals. We will remember the staff for always offering to hold a baby to enjoy ourselves or lend a toy to cheer someone up or help us to find our way around the town, care about how they can help make us enjoy our stay.
The success of our trip to Suzdal is a result of the staff of Suzdal Inn! Thank you very much!
Love, Charles, Michelly, Tilly, David Robit and Hadson Taylor.

Sato Kamas 04/02/2015



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